The interactive maps below indicate the best places for fishermen to access Lough Gara and also indicate the positions of local monuments and archeology. Simply click on the list icon in the top left of the map to select your option and use the map type icon at the bottom left to change your view from Satellite to map. 


Lough Gara is a hidden gem for fishermen with its naturally stocked shoals of bream, roach, rudd and hybrids and plentiful supply of pike. Pike of over 13kg have been caught on the lough. 

As course fishing is free in Ireland and to preserve stocks, fishermen are asked to use catch and release when fishing the local waters. 

Monuments and archeology

Lough Gara is renowned for its crannógs and other neolithic sites. Cashels are also plentiful with the one at Clogher a particularly fine example and ranks along with Griannán of Ailach in Donegal and Staigue fort in Kerry. There are also standing stones, dolmen and other monuments within walking distance of the lodge. 

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